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Aluminum Soffit and Fascia

You may not realize it, but soffit and fascia play an important role in the structural integrity of your home.  Properly installed soffit provides essential ventilation and air circulation to reduce excess moisture that can cause rotting and decay of the roof's structure. It promotes directional air movement through the eaves and rafters of your home, helping it to stay in great shape both inside and out.
Aluminum Soffit and Fascia
Siding Profile

Product Features

Design the Ideal System
Combine vented and solid soffit panels to design the ideal system for your home.

Hi-Tensile Soffit 
Made from a specially formulated allow that performs like heavier gauge material, Hi-Tensile features a smooth, low-gloss LoMar polyester finish that will deliver outstanding beauty and protection for your home.

Deluxe Fascia
Deluxe fascia features a beautifully protective LoMar polyester coating that's built to last.  Its low-luster finish and smooth texture will give the rooflines and trim areas of your home a crisp, clean appearance.

Simple Upkeep
Built with easy upkeep in mind, Revere soffit and fascia feature a heavy-duty construction and resilient finish that requires minimal maintenance.  Just a simple rinse with your garden hose will remove most airborne dust and dirt, keeping your raffling and trim areas looking fresh and clean.

Download Deluxe Aluminum Soffit Warranty

Download HiTensile Aluminum Soffit Warranty

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Download PVC Aluminum Soffit Warranty

Classic Colors

Colors will vary based on user's screen settings. We recommend that you make final color selections using actual product samples.

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